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robert mayon12.19-12.22赴韩国参加学术会议总结

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On the 19th of December 2019 a delegation of professors and students from the State Key Laboratory of Coastal and Offshore Engineering attended the 2019 International Academic Research Exchange Workshop on Ship and Ocean Engineering (SOE 2019 Workshop). The workshop was held over two days from the 20th to the 21st of December at Seoul National University in South Korea. The meeting is an annual event with the purpose of giving students and early career researchers an opportunity to present their research and to facilitate future inter-university collaboration. Participants from Dalian University of Technology, Seoul National University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Osaka University were in attendance. Representing Dalian University of Technology were Professors Dezhi Ning and Bin Teng and students Yixin Qian, Shuang Liang, Baoming Guo, Jiawang Liu, Gaofei Su and researcher Robert Mayon. It was a very successful event with all the attendees demonstrating their research work in a highly professional and very skilled manner. There was a broad range of topics presented which included wave loading on ships, wave energy conversion technologies, multi-phase flows and ocean wave interactions with ice sheets. After each presentation a short discussion period followed and the audience had a chance to ask some questions. Everyone had the opportunity to enjoy some authentic Korean Barbeque during the official workshop dinner and afterwards the students had a time to visit and explore Seoul. Altogether, it was a very interesting workshop and an enjoyable experience. The 2020 SOE workshop is due to be hosted by Osaka University in Japan.  

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